Faculty & Staff Commute Options

Princeton University provides a range of benefits to faculty and staff who use alternative transportation options to commute to work each day as part of the Revise Your Ride program. Each mode offers a different way for commuters to save. No matter which alternative option you choose to get to Princeton, the following benefits are included:

  • (Currently suspended due to public health concerns) Enterprise Carshare membership. For the days you do not drive to work, try using Enterprise Carshare to run an errand or go off campus for lunch—low rates include gas. Transportation & Parking Services has partnered with Enterprise CarShare to provide vehicles conveniently located across campus, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. First yearmembership and application fees waived for RYR participants
  • Guaranteed free ride home. Would you consider another mode of transportation, but you’re afraid of being stranded at work when there’s an emergency at home or you have to work late unexpectedly? With the Guaranteed Ride Home program, you can call TPS in cases of emergency and we will arrange your ride home. Emergency rides home are provided in cases of personal illness or emergency, family illness or emergency, or unscheduled or unplanned overtime. TPS cannot provide emergency rides home for severe weather, transit delays or disruptions, construction impacts to commutes, building evacuations, or for scheduled meetings or scheduled overtime.
  • Single commuter parking passes for an average of two days per month. We understand that some days you just need to drive to work. Participants in commuter programs will receive use of up to 12 daily parking permits per semester for Lot 20 or approved off-campus locations. These passes can be used for those rare days when they need to drive to campus. Participants will need to activate daily permits on the online parking portal.

Rail commuters get 50 percent reimbursement

Princeton University employees who commute to campus via rail transit are eligible to receive a 50 percent subsidy towards a monthly transit pass or two NJ Transit 10 packs (10 packs must both be for the same month). Participants of the program must be full-time, benefits-eligible employees of Princeton University and after enrollment are not eligible for an annual parking permit. The reimbursement covers all legs of your transit commute even if your commute spans multiple transit agencies (NJ Transit, MTA, SEPTA, CoachUSA/Suburban Transit). Rail commuters should first enroll in the reimbursement program and then submit receipts and a reimbursement form by the 10th of each month to receive the subsidy in their next month's paycheck.

Bus commuters get FREE NJ Transit bus pass!

Employees who commute to campus via NJ Transit bus are eligible to receive a free monthly bus pass. Participants of the program must be full-time, benefits-eligible employees of Princeton University and are not eligible for an annual parking permit. Bus commuters should be registered for the program and pick up their next month's bus pass from TPS during the last week of each month (e.g., pick up November's pass during the final week of October). If you use Coach USA or another transit agency for your bus commute, you may participate in the 50 percent rail reimbursement program. Contact TPS for more information.

Click here to enroll.

Carpool Program and Eligibility

Interested in joining a carpool? Carpoolers receive a $200 deposit each semester in their paychecks and are eligible for priority parking on campus. If you and a colleague(s) at Princeton would like to set up your own carpool, apply here to trade in your current permit and enroll in the carpool program.

To be eligible for the program, carpoolers must be full time, benefits eligible employees. Carpoolers must participate in the carpool a minimum of 3 months before receiving financial incentive and are not eligible for an annual parking permit. Instead, carpoolers will share a single carpool permit.

Carpool participants are eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home program when an emergency arises during working hours. Please contact Transportation & Parking Services at 609-258-3157 to arrange an emergency ride home.

Vanpool Program and Eligibility

Do you have at least four other colleagues that wish to share a commute? If so, the University will provide your group with a FREE Enterprise van as well as a $100 deposit each semester in your paycheck. If you are ready to join or create a vanpool, contact TPS.

To be eligible for the program, vanpoolers must be full time, benefits eligible employees. Vanpoolers must participate in the vanpool a minimum of 3 months before receiving financial incentive and are not eligible for an annual parking permit. Instead, vanpoolers will share a single vanpool permit. Click here to view Princeton University's Vanpool Policy in PDF format. To be a vanpool driver you must meet the criteria listed here.

Current Vanpools:

Vanpool 1: Morrisville, PA - Main Campus 
Vanpool 2: New Egypt, NJ - Main Campus
Vanpool 3: Cream Ridge, NJ – Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL) 
Vanpool 4: Levittown, PA – MacMillan Building 
Vanpool 5: Levittown, PA – Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL) 
Vanpool 6: Bordentown, NJ – MacMillan Building 
Vanpool 7: Ewing, NJ – Main Campus
Vanpool 8: Deptford, NJ – Main Campus
Vanpool 9: Hamilton, NJ – Main Campus

Find your Car/Van Pool! Join Princeton's unique ride-matching database, Zimride.

Do you live close enough to Princeton to bike or walk to work? Are you already biking or walking to campus most days? If so, you should enroll in the bike/walk incentive program to receive $400 annually, added directly to your paycheck. Biking or walking to work is not only environmentally responsible, it is also linked to tremendous personal health benefits and helps Princeton meet its single occupancy vehicle reduction goals.

Princeton University and the town of Princeton are continuing to make efforts to be more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. The University has bike parking for over 3,600 bikes across its campus, including limited secure bike parking for commuters to Princeton Station. 

Click here to learn more about the University’s resources for cyclists.

Click here to enroll in Bike/Walk Program

Princeton University’s TigerTransit shuttle system operates on a fixed route schedule, providing safe, convenient and reliable transportation throughout the Princeton campus and surrounding community. The system is free and open to the public.

There are TigerTransit stops located at most major academic and administrative buildings; faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate student housing; visitor and commuter parking lots; Princeton (Dinky) Station; Nassau Street; 701 Carnegie and 693 Alexander offices; Princeton Junction Station; Forrestal Campus; and the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab.

(UPDATED MAY 29, 2020) Bikeshare: Due to current public health guidelines, bike rentals at Princeton University are currently unavailable. The University is working on alternative mobility solutions to safely meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff on campus in the fall and beyond. Please see the Campus Mobility Project website for more details.

Transportation & Parking Services has partnered with Enterprise CarShare to provide carsharing services for the Princeton University community. Enterprise CarShare vehicles are conveniently located on campus and allow students, faculty and staff with a driver’s license to rent a car for under one hour or up to a full day—however long you need it, the car is yours.

Zimride Rideshare is a free ride matching service for the Princeton University community. The program provides interested applicants with a match list of other Princeton University community members who live and work near them and want to create carpool or vanpool, or even simply share a ride for a single long-distance trip.

Go to the Zimride Rideshare Princeton page and login using your NetID and password. Click on the "Search" button to find available carpools or you may click on "Post a ride" button and start one of your own.

Princeton University’s campus is served by a variety of public transit options:

Rail AccessPrinceton Station is home to the "Dinky," a small commuter train operated by New Jersey Transit providing shuttle service to the Princeton Junction Station on the Northeast Corridor. From Princeton Junction, you can catch NJ Transit headed anywhere along the NE corridor or connect to NJ Transit hubs in TrentonNewark Penn, or New York Penn to catch Amtrak or transfer to other NJ Transit, Philadelphia, and New York City rail and bus lines.

Buses. NJ Transit currently operates three bus routes that service Nassau Street, Princeton Station, 701 Carnegie Center, and Princeton’s Forrestal campus. From Nassau Street you can also catch CoachUSA, a private bus operation, with service to several destinations in New Jersey and New York from Nassau Street. Check below for information about the variety of bus service to Princeton’s campus:

The demand for vehicle charging stations on campus has grown with the increasing popularity of plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles (EV). This fall, the University installed five charging stations on the first level of the West Garage and five charging stations will soon be added to the second level of the North garage. Designated EV parking spaces are for use by permit-holders only from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and may only be occupied for four hours.

To use a charging station:

  1. Register as an EV Charging Station user with Parking & Transportation Services
  2. After parking in the EV space, tap your TigerCard on the station’s reader symbol to authorize your card and unlock the plug from the holster
  3. Remove the charging connector and plug it into your EV
  4. Vehicles should only be connected and charging in an EV space for up to four consecutive hours and must be moved to a non EV charging space once charging is completed.