Parking Rules & Regulations

Members of the University community who need to park on campus must obtain the appropriate permit from Transportation & Parking Services (TPS). Parking privileges are non-transferable and regulations are enforced year-round. The following parking rules and regulations apply to members of the Princeton University community and visitors who wish to park on campus.

  • All members of the University community must have a virtual permit in order to park on campus. TPS will issue one virtual permit per person.
  • Permit holders must register their vehicle(s) in order to park on campus. Virtual permits are based on the license plate of the vehicle(s) you have registered. The license plates of your vehicles must be up to date and associated with your virtual permit in order to park on campus.
  • When driving a loaner or rental vehicle to campus, permit holders must login to the parking portal to register the rental vehicle. There is a special rental vehicle designation with an automated expiration date that permit holders may set themselves.
  • Permit holders may only park one vehicle on campus at a time. Permit holders found to be parking more than one vehicle on campus at the same time will be cited.

Princeton University's Transportation and Parking Services (TPS) utilizes license plate recognition (LPR) hardware and software for parking and access control. For more information, review the parking FAQs and review the LPR terms of use notification.

  • Each permit holder is assigned a specific lot determined by the permit holder’s affiliation with the University. Vehicles parked in unassigned lots will be cited.
  • A University parking permit does not guarantee an available parking space in your assigned lot at all times. If your assigned lot is full, please notify TPS and proceed to any lot with vacancies in your assigned zone. If parking is not available in any lot within the designated zone, park in Lot 20.
  • Lots 8, 9, and 18, and small unnumbered lots next to campus buildings are accessible by special permit only and are not included in overflow parking.
  • Absence of signage is NOT authorization to park. Parking is only permitted within signed lots and in unrestricted stalls (painted parallel lines). See TPS map for authorized parking areas.
  • Parking on grass, sidewalks, roadways, or in loading docks is strictly prohibited.
  • "University Vehicles Only" parking is reserved for vehicles owned by the University. Personal vehicles of employees or students are not permitted to park in these spaces.
  • Visitor parking areas are reserved for campus visitors only. Faculty, staff, students, and all other University permit holders are NOT allowed to park in Visitor Lot 23 or other marked visitor spaces on campus.
  • Faculty and staff permit holders may park in their designated lot overnight (2am-7am) with a valid University parking permit for up to two consecutive days. Faculty and staff that need to park for up to seven consecutive days, when traveling on University business, must contact TPS in advance.
  • After seven consecutive days a vehicle is in violation, even with a valid University parking permit displayed.
  • No vehicle may remain parked in a University resident parking area while the resident has sublet their unit nor while the resident is not paying rent on the unit.
  • Vehicles parked in restricted areas without a permit or otherwise impeding access to any area of campus may be booted or towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Vehicles with outstanding citations that are parked in violation of the parking rules and regulations may be booted or towed at the permit holder or owner's expense.
  • The towing fee is $150. Any vehicle towed at Princeton University that is not retrieved within 48 hours will also encumber a fee of $25 per day.
  • Towed vehicles may be relocated to another lot on campus.
  • Towed vehicles unclaimed after 90 days will be disposed.
  • For information regarding a towed vehicle between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday-Friday, please contact TPS at 609-258-3157. After hours and on weekends and University holidays, contact the Department of Public Safety at 609-258-1000.
  • All citations and expenses related to violations, including the towing or booting of vehicles with University parking permits are issued against the parking permit holder.
  • For non-University registered vehicles, the vehicle owner is responsible for all violations and citations.
  • Frequent violations or disregard for University parking rules and regulations will result in the revocation of University parking privileges.
  • Princeton University and TPS are not responsible for damage, loss of property, or theft of vehicles parked or towed on University property.
  • Temporary parking in loading docks or unassigned lots for loading/unloading is allowed but may not exceed 15 minutes.
  • While parked for loading/unloading, vehicle must have flashers on.

To prevent Elm Drive and other campus roads from becoming congested, Princeton restricts all Uber, Lyft, and taxi access onto campus. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors wishing to use a rideshare provider may be picked up or dropped off at Princeton Station and along any street surrounding campus.