Biking Resources

We love our cyclists at Princeton! The University provides substantial bike parking and infrastructure throughout its core campus and satellite campuses. In order to make the most of your cycling experience at Princeton, please scan through all of the resources we have to support your bike commute.

Biker at Princeton

Register Your Bike or Personal Mobility Device

In the event your bike or device is lost or stolen (we HIGHLY recommend U-Locks), TPS will have a complete record to immediately provide to Public Safety and other law enforcement agencies. If construction or major annual events like Commencement or Reunions result in TPS needing to move bike parking or individual bikes and devices, we can contact you directly and give you advanced notice. Lastly, if you lose your key or forget your combination, we’ll cut your bike or device lose for free. Complete the Bike/Mobility Device Registration Form and we’ll mail you a decal for your bike. You can also stop by our office to register during normal business hours.

Bike Locks

Email to buy a U-Lock for $30. All transactions are currently being handled remotely via student charge or credit card.

Lost or Stolen Bike

Unfortunately, bike theft is an extremely common crime on college campuses across the country. Princeton is no exception. Please take extreme care and use a U-Lock to secure your bike to designated bicycle parking whenever you leave it unattended. If your bike does go missing, please complete a Lost Bike Form.Transportation & Parking Services will notify you of the status of your bicycle—that is, whether or not we or Public Safety have recovered it—within two business days.

Bike Lock Removal

As a service to university community members who have registered their bicycles, TPS will cut your lock for free if you’ve forgotten a combination or misplaced a key. Proof of ownership is required prior to the removal of the lock. Please complete the bike lock removal form. Your bike must be registered with the University prior to removal of lock and you must be present with ID at the time of lock removal.

Bike and Personal Mobility Device Safety Rules

Princeton University promotes safe and responsible riding on campus. It is strongly encouraged that riders wear a helmet. When riding on campus, cyclists should obey all New Jersey state and local laws. Please familiarize yourself with these laws, as cyclists are granted the same rights and subject to all duties of motor vehicle drivers. Additionally, when cycling on campus, please adhere to the following guidelines: 

Campus walkways and trails: 

  • Maintain a safe and reasonable speed at all times. 
  • Be considerate of pedestrians, as campus pathways are shared among pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Remain alert at all times. Do not ride with headphones or while talking on a cell phone. 
  • Maintain your bicycle properly. 
  • Refer to the Princeton area bike map for suggested bike-friendly routes.


  • Yield to pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections. Walk your bike when campus traffic is congested. Pass with caution on the left and alert the people around you before doing so. 
  • Ride in the direction of traffic (“Bike to the right.”)
  • Use hand signals before turning. 
  • Don’t stop in a driver’s blind spot. 
  • Wear bright and/or reflective clothing at all times. Use reflectors and reflective tape. 
  • Ride single-file and in a straight line. Don’t weave between cars. 
  • Use a mirror.
Bike and Scooter Parking

The campus provides more than 3,600 spaces for bikes. For a list of campus bicycle rack locations, please click here. Bikes and scooters that are not parked in accordance with the following policies will be confiscated by the University and owners may be subject to a fine. Specifically:

  • Bicycles and scooters shall not be secured to benches, light posts, trees, chain/post borders, handrails, or bus shelters.
  • Bicycles and scooters shall not block (or be attached to) wheelchair ramps in any manner.
  • Bicycles and scooters shall not be ridden indoors.
  • Bicycles and scooters are not permitted to be secured or locked to any interior railing, placed in a hallway, or allowed to impede a means of egress.
  • Bicycles are permitted inside dorm rooms if they are placed so that they do not block or impede egresses. Hooks are available for students who wish to hang their bicycles in their rooms. To obtain hooks, students should contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at 8-8000. Requests are gathered during the first few weeks of classes, and the installations begin mid-October.

Princeton University confiscates bicycles that are either abandoned or unclaimed. A bike is considered abandoned if it is not registered with the University and/or displays signs of significant neglect, such as flat or bent tires or missing parts. TPS will tag bikes that display signs of neglect before removing them. A bike is considered unclaimed if the owner does not pick up his/her bike within 60 days of confiscation or remains unclaimed after summer storage drop off. If the bicycle is registered, TPS will contact the owner. If the bicycle is not claimed at the end of the 60-day period, it will be donated, recycled, or scrapped. The University is not responsible for damaged locks when removing abandoned bikes.

Donate your Bike!

Transportation and Parking Services partners with local nonprofits to donate abandoned bicycles. If you have a bike you are no longer using, consider contacting Pedals4Progress, a NJ nonprofit organization that donates unwanted bikes to partner organizations in 32 developing countries. There's also the Boys & Girls Club of Mercer County Bike Exchange, a nonprofit organization that provides after-school care. Bike-related activities include teaching children how to repair and build bicycles.

Summer Storage

At the end of the academic year, students who are not residing on campus for the summer must remove their bikes from Princeton University bike racks; bicycles that appear abandoned will be tagged for confiscation. The Moving & Storage Agency provides bike pick-up and storage for a fee of $50, with optional $5 insurance. For more information, please visit the Student Agencies page. In addition, please click here for local off-campus storage options.

Bike Repair

The Cyclab is a University affiliated group for bike repair. Every week, volunteers are available to teach and assist all members of the University community with bike repairs free of charge. Cyclab also accepts donations of unwanted bikes but does not sell or rent bikes.


Cyclab is currently closed for the Fall 2020 semester (subject to change, also check the Cyclab Facebook page).

Changing Facilities

Have you been biking to campus, or are you considering a bike commute, but wonder where you can shower and change before work? There are several options. The Sherrerd, Louis Simpson, and Andlinger facilities all have showers available for use by cyclists. Dillon Gym has expansive shower and changing room facilities with lockers that are free for students and available with gym membership to faculty and staff.