Public Transit

"I get to relax on the train. I don't have to pay attention to the road, and instead, I have the ability to do my school work and listen to podcasts"

Princeton-Area Transit Options

Princeton University’s campus is served by a variety of public transit options.

Rail AccessPrinceton Station is home to the "Dinky," a small commuter train operated by New Jersey Transit providing shuttle service to the Princeton Junction Station on the Northeast Corridor. From Princeton Junction, you can catch NJ Transit headed anywhere along the NE corridor or connect to NJ Transit hubs in TrentonNewark Penn, or New York Penn to transfer to Amtrak and other NJ Transit, Philadelphia, and New York City rail and bus lines.

Buses. NJ Transit currently operates three bus routes that service Nassau Street, Princeton Station, 701 Carnegie Center, and Princeton’s Forrestal campus. From Nassau Street you can also catch CoachUSA, a private bus operation, with service to several destinations in New Jersey and New York from Nassau Street. Check below for information about the variety of bus service to Princeton’s campus:

Revise Your Ride Transit Subsidies

Benefits-eligible Princeton University faculty, staff, and students who commute to campus via public transit are eligible to receive a 50% subsidy on the purchase of eligible transit tickets from their home to campus OR a pre-purchased NJ Transit bus pass. Participants in the program must be full-time, benefits-eligible employees or graduate students.

Click Here to Enroll in the Mass Transit Subsidy or Bus Pass Program

Considering a transit commute through Revise Your Ride? Check to see if your commute would be covered by the 50% subsidy.

Transit purchases eligible for reimbursement once enrolled in the program include either a monthly or 10 round trips to campus (or the equivalent) for any of the below transit services used to travel between your home and Princeton's campus. Individual tickets are not eligible for reimbursement unless noted below.

Transit Provider
30 Day/Monthly
10 Round Trips to Campus
New Jersey Transit (rail/bus/light rail) Monthly Pass Two 10-packs OR *new* FlexPass
SEPTA Monthly Pass Two 10-Trip Tickets
MTA Subway/Bus 30-Day MetroCard $55 MetroCard fare add
MTA LIRR (Long Island Rail) Monthly Pass Two Ten-Trip Peak/Off-Peak
PATH Train 30 Day Pass 20 Trip SmartLink
CoachUSA/Suburban Transit Variable* 20 individual / 10 round trip
MegaBus Variable* 20 individual / 10 round trip

*no monthly passes sold, please purchase exact number of tickets needed for month in bulk (TTPS cannot accept multiple individual-ticket receipts)

If you use a transit provider not on this list for your commute to Princeton's campus or another official University office location, please inquire with Transportation and Parking Services if your transit purchases would eligible.