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**SPRING 2021 -- RYR commuter benefits continue to be available for employees with department approval to work on campus and enrolled in the COVID testing program. To be considered eligible for the Spring bike/walk and carpool/vanpool incentives, to be paid out in July, participants must be working an average of 2+ days per week on campus and carpools/vanpools must have TPS approval due to increased close contact risks.

For more information on car/vanpool approval during this time or any other questions regarding the RYR commuter benefits, please contact TPS at commute@princeton.edu.**

Local Movement, Global Impact

Revise Your Ride, an important element of the University’s strategic priorities, has been designed to reduce single occupancy vehicles (SOV’s) on campus. The University is at a crossroads – achievement of our top strategic priorities is in direct conflict with our driving culture. Parking logistics are an impediment to the fulfillment of the University Mission, in terms of land use, finances, and sustainability. In order to ease this obstacle, we are seeking to reduce the number of SOV’s on campus.

In order to encourage employees to leave their cars at home, we have developed Revise Your Ride.  This program offers enhanced benefits and incentives to participate in one of five commuter programs in lieu of a parking permit: bike/walk, carpool, vanpool, transit reimbursement, or NJ Transit bus pass.

We encourage you to review the options below to determine which works best for you.


For those living near campus, biking and/or walking to campus is a convenient, easy and environmentally sustainable way to commute. Faculty and staff who enroll in this program will receive a $400 annual incentive.

Princeton University faculty, staff and students who commute to campus via rail transit are eligible to receive a 50% subsidy of the monthly transit pass. Participants in the program must be full-time, benefits-eligible employees or graduate students.

Monthly NJ TRANSIT bus pass for faculty, staff and students. Participants of the program must be full-time, benefits-eligible employees or graduate students.

Princeton University employees may find carpooling a convenient commute option. Each member of the carpool will receive a $400 annual incentive. Premium parking assignments are available in some campus lots and the garages.

Interested in carpooling but do not have a partner? Join Princeton's unique ride-matching database, Zimride (TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED).

Princeton University employees who opt to participate in the vanpool program receive a $200 annual incentive and the exclusive use of a University-funded van. Premium parking assignments are available in some campus lots and the garages. A minimum of five commuters are required to form a vanpool.

Click here for more information on Princeton vanpools

Click here to For Driver Requirements

Click here for COVID information

Faculty and staff not enrolling in a Revise Your Ride commuter program may register their vehicle(s) for a Princeton parking permit.

If you are having trouble making updates online, please contact The Service Point by phone, email, or chat during business hours, 8 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday. You can also contact customer service by phone at 609-258-8300 or email at ttps@princeton.edu.

New employees who need to park on campus should complete and submit the online form before orientation day to receive a parking permit at orientation.

Revise Your Ride Ambassadors

The University is thankful for its RYR ambassadors who have been participating since the program's inception and assist with promoting program events, news, and generally serve as advocates for alternative commutes. Click below to see why each of them has Revised their Ride, and their advice for anyone considering doing the same.

Commute Concierge

Do you want to take advantage of Revise Your Ride incentives, but aren’t sure which one is best for you? Do you have obligations away from campus that complicate your commute? Are you frustrated or bored by your current commute and want to know what benefits are available for commuters who do not drive to work alone?

Try our Commute Concierge Services and receive personalized commute options for your life.

Program Benefits

In addition to a cash incentive, each participant will have access to a 1-year membership with the Enterprise CarShare program for short term car rental, the emergency “Guaranteed Ride” home program and a limited number of daily parking passes per year. Click here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Revise Your Ride programs. Click here to view the FAQ page.