Bike Locks & Removal

A u-lock style bike lock is used to secure a bike to a bike rack.

Bike and scooter lock removal 

As a service to University community members who have registered their bikes or scooters, you can get your lock cut for free if you’ve forgotten a combination or misplaced a key.  

Requirements for lock removal: 

  1. Bike or scooter must be registered with the University 

  2. Complete the Lock Removal Form

  3. Registered owner must present ID at the time of lock removal 

Need a lock?

We recommend a U-Lock, a sturdy lock that requires power tools to cut, limiting opportunities for bike theft.  

Email The Service Point to buy a U-Lock for $30.


Reporting theft or missing property

Bike and scooter theft is a common crime on college campuses across the country. Please take extreme care and use a U-lock to secure your bike or scooter to designated racks whenever you leave it unattended.

File a report