Late Night Transit

Spring Break Service

updated March 6, 2024

Effective March 9 - 15.

Late-Night On-Demand service to be replaced by Evening Circulator service between 1 AM and 3 AM.

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Late Night On-Demand Service

On-Demand Hours

Ride requests are accepted starting 15 minutes prior to service start until service ends.

  • Academic Year:​​​  1 AM - 3 AM, every night
  • Summer:  9 PM - 1 AM, every night

Excluding University holidays.


Request through the TripShot App (Android or iOS)  or call 609-258-9401 during on-demand hours.

Once booked, our dispatch team will incorporate your ride into the on-demand bus schedule. Please note, especially during periods of increased requests, there may be a wait time. This is because the on-demand bus is accommodating multiple requests.

For on-demand service requests, users must create a free account using your Princeton email address.

How to book an on-demand ride with TripShot

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Service currently paused.

During this time, TigerTransit's Evening Circulator will be operating additional hours.

  • Monday–Wednesday, 7 PM–1 AM
  • Thursday–Friday, 7 PM–3 AM
  • Saturday, 5 PM–3 AM
  • Sunday, 5 PM–1 AM

The bus makes a continuous loop around campus. Passengers can board at the Fisher Hall stop and ride to the following stops:

  • Woodlands Way (behind NCW/Yeh),
  • Lakeside Apartments
  • Lawrence Apartments
  • Princeton Station (near Forbes)
  • Grad College
  • University Place (near Rocky/Mathey).

For more information, please see TigerTransit routes and schedules.


Lyft Rides

Pilot Late Ride service available for graduate students.

Participating graduate students will receive up to 4 free Lyft rides per month between campus academic buildings and graduate housing locations between 3:00 AM and 7:00 AM daily when TigerTransit is out of service.

Sign up for the pilot online.

When does the next TigerTransit bus arrive?

Download the TripShot Mobile App to your mobile device for real-time bus arrival info on the go. You can even plan your trip by tracking the real-time arrival of your bus with TripShot right from your desktop or tablet or display on a public screen in your building using custom screen displays.
* Login is required for night-time on-demand services