TigerTransit Routes & Schedules

Spring 2024

Effective January 27, 2024

Shuttle operations will be limited or suspended during University holidays, major events, and, rarely, during severe weather events. Check out TripShot or TripShot Mobile App for announcements regarding any major disruption to scheduled service.

Lost something?

If you leave something on a TigerTransit bus, you can call TigerTransit dispatch at 609-258-9401 to see if it has been found or is still on the bus.

No Canal Pointe TigerTransit service

For University employees needing to travel back and forth between campus and Canal Pointe (701 Carnegie, 100 Overlook, 600/619 Alexander):


When does the next TigerTransit bus arrive?

Download the TripShot Mobile App to your mobile device for real-time bus arrival info on the go. You can even plan your trip by tracking the real-time arrival of your bus with TripShot right from your desktop or tablet or display on a public screen in your building using custom screen displays.
* Login is required for night-time on-demand services