Report Lost or Stolen

A u-lock style bike lock is used to secure a bike to a bike rack.

Bike theft is a common crime on college campuses across the country. Please take extreme care and use a U-lock to secure your bike to designated racks whenever you leave it unattended.

If your bike has gone missing, please follow the following steps:

  1. Check if your bike was impounded by the University by completing a missing device report. A device may be impounded if parked contrary to University parking policies or tagged as abandoned.
  2. File a report with Public Safety by calling 609.258.1000 or going to 200 Elm to make the report in person.
  3. Report your bike as stolen through your Bike Index account to put out a community alert.
Did you know?

We recommend a U-Lock, a sturdy lock that requires power tools to cut, limiting opportunities for bike theft.  

U-locks can be purchased at any of the three bike shops located in Princeton as well as online.


Building better bike and pedestrian experiences

Princeton University and the town of Princeton are continuing to make efforts to be more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly.
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