Mobility Safety

Be nice on your micromobility device

Bikes, scooters, and other micromobility devices are a popular way to travel around Princeton University's campus. In February 2020, the University adopted a policy for all personal mobility devices that requires registration, yielding to pedestrians, and lights at night. When riding your device, please be considerate of others with:

Other micromobility device tips

Are you on foot?

Did you know?

The University has kicked off a mobility safety campaign to address the increase of devices on campus (bikes, scooters, and more).

This effort includes (1) a public life study of campus paths and device parking, (2) signage around campus to urge safety and responsibility, (3) mobility safety educational outreach, and (4) free lights with any device registration.


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Campus is changing

Please be aware of your surroundings and regularly check for walkway impacts from construction.


Bike and pedestrian advisory lanes

The University has implemented “advisory lanes” to prioritize biking and walking between graduate student housing and academic buildings. Lines are striped marking sections along the sides of each street, with slow-moving vehicles sharing a center lane and yielding to bikes and pedestrians.

Learn about the Campus Mobility Framework