Bike Parking

A man locks his bike to a campus bike rack.


  • shall not be secured to benches, light posts, trees, chain/post borders, handrails, or bus shelters.  

  • shall not block (or be attached to) wheelchair ramps in any manner. 

  • shall not be ridden indoors. 

  • are not permitted to be secured or locked to any interior railing, placed in a hallway, or allowed to impede a means of egress. 

  • are permitted inside dorm rooms if they are placed so that they do not block or impede egresses. Hooks are available for students who wish to hang their bikes in their rooms. To obtain hooks, students should call Building Services at (609) 258-3490 or the Facilities Customer Service Center at (609) 258-8000.

Bikes that are not parked in accordance with these rules will be confiscated by the University and owners may be subject to a fine.

Read Princeton University's personal electric vehicle (PEVs) policy

Did you know?

Overnight and short-term bike storage are available for commuters at Theater Drive (formerly West) Garage.

Contact The Service Point for access


Building better bike and pedestrian experiences

Princeton University and the town of Princeton are continuing to make efforts to be more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly.
Learn more about the Campus Mobility Framework