My Transportation Portal Guide

How to use the My Transportation portal

Princeton University's My Transportation online portal (click to open) is used to activate most parking permits, manage account and vehicle information, and enroll in the University's commute benefits program - Revise Your Ride (click to learn more).

The step-by-step instructions below will guide you through this process.

Tutorials available:

General account management

  • Logging Into My Transportation and/or creating an account
  • Adding and changing vehicles

Parking permits

  • Activating your annual parking permit
  • Activating a daily visitor or event permit
  • Purchasing a Dinky permit

Revise Your Ride

  • Applying to Revise Your Ride
  • Activating a RYR Daily permit

Not available online

The following permits cannot be managed in the My Transportation self-service portal.

  • Contractor, service provider, or affiliate permits
  • Faculty and staff residential permits
  • Campus residents' guest permit
  • Elm Drive access
  • First-time Dinky permits
  • Undergraduate student permits (by exemption only)

For assistance, please contact The Service Point at 609.258.8300 or email at [email protected].


General account management

Logging Into My Transportation 

Instruction Screenshot

Log into the My Transportation portal to view your account information or activate your parking permit.

If you have an PU NetID: Click on "Princeton University Log In" and  use your Princeton University Single-Service Login with CAS verification.

If you do not have a PU NetID: Click on the text "Visitor/Guest User" and enter your My Transportation log in credentials.

Here you have the opportunity to create a visitor account if you do not have one already.


Once you have logged in, you will be brought to your account dashboard, where you can manage multiple things including activating your parking permit, applying for the Revise Your Ride commute benefits, changing or adding vehicles, and appealing/paying citations.  

Please note, guest users will see different menu options.

My Transportation screenshot of Account Summary


Adding or changing vehicles

Instruction Screenshot

You can have up to five vehicles linked to your account and active permit(s). Only one vehicle may be parked on campus at a time. It is important to enter your license plate number and other vehicle information accurately to avoid the risk of a citation. 

If you already have a University parking permit and simply need to add/delete a vehicle from your record, you can log in to My Transportation and make changes to your account. 

Once logged in to the portal, scroll down to your active permit -- look for the blue square (alt text "Active Permit") on the left. You can view which vehicles are already attached to your permit by clicking on the vehicle icon (alt text "View Vehicles"). 

To add a vehicle, click on the plus sign (alt text "Add") and input your vehicle information. 
To remove a vehicle, click on the "x" sign (alt text "Cancel") . 


Parking permits

Activating your parking permit 


Navigate to the permit activation page: To activate your parking permit, click “Get Permit” from the top menu. Self-service permit options are available for faculty, staff, and graduate students.  

If you are a member of the University’s Revise Your Ride carpool or vanpool benefit, your shared permit cannot be renewed online.

Step 1 of 8: You will see a series of steps (1-8) required to complete your permit activation. Step 1 will requires you to select the permit type available to you based on your campus affiliation. Most campus affiliates will only be provided with one permit option.  

Selecting the available permit type will change the color of the permit type box and a notification will pop up in the upper right corner of your screen. 

Click “Next”. 

Step 2 of 8: You will see the permit you are automatically assigned based on your campus building location or affiliation. To learn more about zoned parking permits including parking facilities in each zone and how zones are assigned, please see our FAQ pages for Faculty and Staff, Graduate Students, or Undergraduate Students

If the zone displayed is not what you were expecting, please contact the Service Point for assistance in reviewing the primary building on file for your account and how to have this information updated. The Service Point can be reached at [email protected] or 609.258.8300.  

Selecting the available permit will change the color of the permit box and a notification will pop up in the upper right corner of your screen. 

Click “Next”. 

Step 3 of 8: This step allows you to either (1) associate your existing vehicle(s) with your new parking permit OR (2) add a new vehicle to your account and associate it with your new parking permit. Any vehicle you intend to drive to campus must be registered and associated with your parking permit - your license plate serves as your virtual parking permit. 

  • To associate an existing vehicle: please click anywhere on the row. A check mark on the far left of the table and dark border will appear to indicate that this vehicle has been selected. A notification will pop up in the upper right corner of your screen.   
  • To add a new vehicle: Click the plus (+) button above the vehicles table on the right. Please enter all required information (State and license plate number, make, and whether it is a rental vehicle or not). Click “Save”. 

Once all relevant vehicles have been associated with your new permit, click “Next”. 

Step 4 of 8: Please confirm your contact information and click “Next”. 

Step 5 of 8: Please review the University’s parking rules and regulations. A full list of all University parking rules and regulations can be found on the Transportation and Parking website (click to view).

Click the check box to confirm you understand and agree to the rules. Click “Next”. 

Step 6 of 8: Princeton University does not charge for parking permit and there is no payment method needed to activate your permit. “No Charge” is automatically selected for you. This step is a required action by the online permit management platform and cannot be removed. 

No action is needed, click “Next”.

Step 7 of 8: Please confirm the listed information is all correct. If you need to update any details, please use the “Back” button.  

Click “Checkout”. 

Step 8 of 8: To complete your permit activation, please click “Checkout” again. This step is a required action by the online permit management platform and cannot be removed.
Permit activated. After clicking "Checkout” for the final time, you will see a summary of your transaction and receive an automated email from the Service Point with the subject “Parking and Transportation - Transaction Confirmation”. 

Activating a daily visitor or event permit

Coming soon

Purchasing a Dinky permit

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Revise Your Ride

Applying to Revise Your Ride 

Instruction Screenshot
Navigate to Revise Your Ride application: Click “Applying for Revise Your Ride” in the top menu bar. Please note, if you are currently enrolled in a Revise Your Ride commuter benefit and would like to switch benefits, your menu option will read “Switch RYR program”.   

Step 1 of 4: Select the commute benefit you are applying for. For more information about each program, please click on the question mark (?) below each benefit type.  

Please note that while all benefit programs are displayed, enrollment eligible does differ based on your campus affiliation: 

  • Faculty and staff: Benefits-eligible faculty and staff applications for Bike/Walk, Bus Pass, Carpool, Mass Transit, and Vanpool will be considered.   

  • Graduate students: Off-campus graduate student applications for Bus Pass, and Mass Transit will be considered. Graduate students may also apply with a benefits-eligible University employee for Carpool or Vanpool, however enrolled graduate students will not be eligible for financial incentives. 

Selecting the Revise Your Ride benefit will change the color of the selected box and a notification will pop up in the upper right corner of your screen. 

Click “Next”. 


Step 2 of 4: Please review your contact information and update as needed. For your application to be considered, you need to provide the address from which you will be commuting from. If this is different from your official mailing address on file with the University, please update the Commute Address fields. If you wish to update your mailing address on file with the University, please do so in HR Self-Service.  

Click “Next”. 


Step 3 of 4: Please complete all the questions related to the specific commute benefit you are applying for. Please note, if you are applying for the Carpool benefit, every member of your carpool must submit a separate application.  

Click “Next”. 


Step 4 of 4: Please review the details of your application. If you wish to update your response, please click “Back”. If you are satisfied with your responses, please click “Submit”. 

You should receive an automated confirmation email to your email address on file. Your application will be reviewed within 1-3 business days.  


Activating RYR Daily permit

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