Stadium Drive Garage Gate System

Jan. 19, 2024

Why are the gates down? 

Access to the Stadium Drive Garage is managed through license plate recognition (LPR) technology on weekdays from 7am-4pm. As you approach the garage entrance or exit, the system will recognize whether your vehicle has an active permit, and the gate will automatically open. Please ensure your rear license plate is visible.  

If the gates do not open for your vehicle 

Faculty, staff, and students with commuter permits

  • To enter or exit the garage, tap your active TigerCard on the reader or use the intercom to speak with staff to open the gate. 

  • After parking, log into your MyTransportation account and confirm that you have registered for your 2023-24 parking permit and your permit is connected to your vehicle(s). Even rental and loaner vehicles must be registered in your account. 

  • If your permit and license plate information look correct, please contact The Service Point for further assistance ([email protected] or 609.258.8300). Vehicles parked without an active parking permit in the garage may be cited. 


  • Take a ticket from the kiosk and scan the QR code to register for a daily parking permit before exiting your vehicle. Vehicles parked without a parking permit may be cited. 

  • Visitors can also register for garage access online in advance of their planned visit to have the gates open automatically upon arrival.

Residential graduate and undergraduate students, non-permitted contractors

  • Not eligible to park in the Stadium Drive Garage on weekdays, 7am-4pm, even with daily permits. Daily permit usage is monitored, and you may be cited.