UPDATE: Dinky rail service is set to resume on Sunday, May 12th. The existing replacement bus service provided by NJ Transit will continue to operate until rail service is restored (click here for schedule). In addition, TigerTransit's 693 Alexander bus will make three additional morning trips to the Junction to provide additional more options for traveling to campus (click here for schedule).

Dinky train service will be temporarily replaced by bus service from Thursday, October 11 to mid-January 2019 (closing early due to continuing mechanical issues). More information about this outage is available on NJ Transit’s website. The following alternatives will be available:

NJ Transit Replacement Service: NJ Transit is fully resourced to provide a replacement bus service aligned with the current Dinky schedules. Click here for the bus timetable effective October 11. NJ Transit will be discounting all NJ Transit rail tickets/passes 10% during this time and Dinky rail passes will be honored on the replacement buses.

TigerTransit - 693 Alexander: The 693 Alexander bus makes the following stops at Princeton Junction: 7:20 AM, 8:00 AM, 8:35 AM, 3:39 PM, 4:19 PM, 4:59 PM, 5:39 PM, 6:13 PM. Click here for full route and timetable information.

TigerTransit - Overlook: After 4 PM, riders boarding the Overlook shuttle may request a drop-off at Princeton Junction until service ends at 6 PM. The Overlook shuttle runs a continuous loop and does not operate on a timetable. Click here for more information.

TigerTransit - On Demand: Riders can request On Demand service through the TransLoc app to Princeton Junction after the last Dinky train is scheduled to depart Princeton Station at 1:02 AM, or to campus from Princeton Junction after 1:35 AM.

Carpool/Vanpool: Any commuters looking to avoid any disruptions caused by the Dinky outage can use Princeton’s online carpool matching program, Zimride, to find a temporary or long-term carpool. Search the database for available carpool partners or post a carpool request. 4+ Princeton University employees planning to commute together can contact commute@princeton.edu for more information about the vanpool program ($50 per incentive period and free use of a van). Benefits-eligible Princeton employees can sign their carpool pairs up for the Revise Your Ride carpool benefit and receive $100 for sharing their commute for the October-December incentive period. Click here for more information.

Coach USA - Bus Route 100: Catch a bus from Palmer Square and ride to the New Brunswick Train Station (transfer to North East Corridor trains towards NYC). Buses leave every half an hour and the trip is about 45 minutes. Tickets can be purchased in cash from the kiosk in Palmer Square and cost $3.70 one way (discounts available for bulk purchases). Participants in the Revise Your Ride Mass Transit Reimbursement program can submit receipts for 20+ tickets to qualify for the 50% reimbursement. Click here for more information.

If you have any questions about these replacement options or would like help figuring out which option might work best for your commute, please contact Amanda Stevens at commute@princeton.edu or ext. 81339.