Undergraduate Student Permits

Move In / Move Out

Please check the Housing and Real Estate Services website for information regarding loading and unloading, as well as parking.

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Undergraduates are eligible for campus parking permits by exemption only.

Undergraduate students facing an extraordinary hardship, medical condition, or disability or who otherwise demonstrate a compelling need for a personal vehicle may apply for a permit. A “compelling need” is generally defined by necessary and frequent travel that cannot be accommodated by University, commercial, regional, or local transit options.  Exemptions do not mean proximal parking – parking permits will be assigned to lots on the periphery of campus.        

Please note that you are not permitted to bring your car to campus until the request process is complete and if approved, the permit has been issued by Transportation and Parking Services (TPS). Enrolled students are not considered visitors and will be cited if found using visitor permits.

2023-2024 permit exception requests

Requests submitted after July 15 will not be reviewed until after September 15.

Need vehicle access to Elm Drive?

Outside of Move-In/Move-Out and the start/end of University class breaks (Fall, Winter, Spring), vehicle access past the guard booth and onto Elm Drive is by approval only. Request Elm Drive access at least 2 business days in advance.

Please note that Lyft, Uber, and other taxi services are never permitted past the Elm Drive guard booth. Click to see recommended drop-off and pick-up locations.


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