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“I passed 95k miles of lifetime cycling this year! My bike commute rocks."

Two University employees stop on their bike ride into campus.

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Did you know?

By switching to a bike/walk commute and leaving your car at home, Princeton University employees reduce an average 500 lbs of CO2 per year. 

Interested in testing out your commute? Ask us about our complimentary 2-week bike rentals for new bike commuters.

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Do I owe taxes on Revise Your Ride incentives?

Revise Your Ride incentives are paid out at the end of each semester directly through University payroll. Incentives are considered taxable income and are subject to federal and state income taxes. Income tax will be withheld automatically on your paycheck or stipend.


Building better bike and pedestrian experiences

Princeton University and the town of Princeton are continuing to make efforts to be more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly.
Learn more about the Campus Mobility Framework