50% Transit Subsidy (Students)

"The best part of my commute is the quiet time that I enjoy where I listen to music and mentally prepare for the day."

A train pulls into the train station.

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Ticketing options

A table of reimbursement-eligible transit options can be found below. Individual tickets are not eligible for reimbursement unless listed below. A reimbursement of up to $325 per commute month, assuming a $650 up-front cost, will be applied directly to your paycheck or stipend.

You must be enrolled in the 50% Transit Subsidy program to claim this benefit.

Transit Provider Ticket Options How To Purchase
New Jersey Transit (rail/bus/light rail)(2) Monthly Pass OR 10-pack OR FlexPass  NJ Transit app OR station vending machine 

Monthly Pass OR cost of 10-20 tickets added to SEPTA KeyCard

Min $25 if riding to 30th Street, min $82 if riding to Trenton. Individual SEPTA Key expenses are not accepted for reimbursement.

Online OR station vending machine 
MTA Subway/Bus(2)

30-Day Pass (MetroCard kiosk) OR  $34 (weekly) / $136 (monthly) in OMNY Card fare adds.

Individual Tap2Pay OMNY purchases on a credit card statement are not accepted for reimbursement.

Online OR station vending machine
MTA LIRR (Long Island Rail) and Metro-North(2) Monthly Pass OR Ten-Trip Peak/Off-Peak  Online OR station vending machine 
PATH Train(2) 30 Day Pass OR 10-20 Trip SmartLink  Online OR station vending machine 
NYC Ferry(2) 10-pack pass NYC Ferry App OR station vending machine 
CoachUSA/Suburban Transit(1) Variable (one purchase of the exact number of tickets needed for one month's commute) OR 10 / 20 pack OR Monthly* Online OR station vending machine 
Amtrak(2) 30 Day Pass OR 10-ride passes OR 4 tickets through Multi-City purchase option Online 

(1) Monthly and bulk discount tickets are only sold by Transit Authority for trips starting/ending in New York. For local trips at stops between Princeton and New Brunswick, please purchase the exact number of tickets needed for the month in bulk.

(2) Discounts available for senior citizens and/or customers with disabilities. Please check the transit agency’s website for details.  

If you use a transit provider not on this list for your commute to Princeton's campus or another official University office location, please contact The Service Point for consideration. 

NJ Transit discounts

You can save 25% on your NJ Transit monthly pass (bus, rail, or light-rail) with the NJ Transit Monthly Pass Student Discount. Discounted receipts are eligible for the 50% reimbursement.

Learn about the NJ Transit Student Discount


Do I owe taxes on Revise Your Ride incentives?

Revise Your Ride incentives are paid out at the end of each semester directly through University payroll. Incentives are considered taxable income and are subject to federal and state income taxes. Income tax will be withheld automatically on your paycheck or stipend.


Bike to your stop or station

All local public transit (NJ Transit, Coach USA, and TigerTransit) are bike friendly. Buses provide either bike racks on the front of the vehicle or under bus luggage storage space. On NJ Transit trains, folding bikes are welcome any time, and standard frame bikes during off-peak hours.